Audio Mill

Arjan Molenaar, also known as Dutch producer and DJ Audio Mill might just have started out his music career, but already his unique sound, musical diversity and technical skills as a producer have caught the attention of important artists in the industry. Before the Audio Mill sound came to be, Arjan was known as R-Jen, He made his debut with the song Warhol Symphony, (inspired by painter Andy Warhol). The song was immediately noticed by DJ Steve Anderson who played and complimented the song worldwide on his popular ‘Same’ FM radio show. Warhol Symphony was part of an EP release, which also included the song Siddhartha, both songs where played on the international FM radio show ‘Wintersland’ presented by Jessy Winters. The fact that this was Arjan's very first release, shows that his technical skills and musical talent must be taken seriously.

What sets Arjan apart from many other producers, is that he refuses to be constrained by genre. His songs have been categorised in various genres. But whatever label is put on his songs, whether it be Techno, Minimal, Progressive House or Trance, there is always something unique about them, which is often described as the Arjan sound. Because Arjan always tries to challenge himself creatively, his sound started to evolve and change rapidly after his first releases, until he found his own identity as an artist. This new identity deserved a new name. Inspired by his surname Molenaar, (that is the Dutch word for Miller), the name Audio Mill was born. The initials of which are identical to his real name. Audio Mill's primarily sound is Techno. But like before Arjan's music is still influenced by all forms of Electronic dance music.

Famous for having a great ear for new talent, Riley Reinhold of Record label Traum, quickly took notice of Audio Mill and offered one of the Audio Mill songs on his successful Tour the Traum series. The song Alpha Centaury Dream is featured on Tour the Traum IX and before the album was released Riley already selected another Audio Mill song that will be featured on the next Tour the Traum. The album is supported by many famous artist such as, Nick Warren, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Mononoid, Oliver Schories, and many others

But perhaps Arjan's biggest accomplishment is probably his musical diversity. Under his alias R-Jen his progressive trance/house song Warhol Symphony has aired on over 100 FM Stations around the world by one of the most successful Trance radio shows. While his Audio Mill song Alpha centaury dream got on one of the most respected Techno albums in the Techno scene. If one considers the fact that all of this was accomplished in his very first year of releasing songs. Then it becomes obvious that Arjan is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

The sounds of his songs are as unique as the man himself. Born near Amsterdam, Arjan was raised in a musical family. He grew up listening to his father’s Jazz collection and his family home was a gathering place of talented musicians. It was in this environment that Arjan soon realized that he wanted to become a great musician. His parents recognized and stimulated his musical talent at a very early age and encouraged him to learn to play a musical instrument. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 6 and by the time he finished high school he had also learned to play drums and bass. It wasn't until Arjan started clubbing that he finally found his true calling. Seeing people getting lost in the music on the dance floor, had such a profound impact on him, that it lead to quitting his band and taking up DJ’ing and eventually to becoming a producer. This rich musical history can be recognized in his productions, in either his funky bass lines where you can hear his background as a bass player, or his love for drums, in his more percussive Techno oriented tracks. And even though the music that he creates today is a long way from the Jazz music he grew up with, his ambition to become a great musician has never changed.