Advent's Rising

Advent’s Rising is a project created by Panagiotis Talianis from Athens/Greece in 2009 moving mainly to the production of Progressive House sounds with a bit more tech and trance infuences.
Former Dj for 10 years of the well known local Greek drum and bass Funxion crew, 
he made a 360 degrees rotation to his music flavours and decided to dedicate 
himself to what he loves most, by creating this project.

His DJ play style goes around from deep house to tech and progressive house sounds
trying every time to deliver fresh, emotional and solid dj sets.
After almost a year and by the end of 2009 he celebrated his first release “Inside Out EP” under No Border Recordings. Followed by two more releases in the same label, with one EP, the “Passing By ep” and a single track “Mystique” .
In summer of 2011 he hit his more remarkable remix by remixing Suffused’s “Dark Soul” which was released by Mistique Digital. A human connection with a remix as result which definitely made huge impact to his sound.

On 2013 he comes aboard on Suffused Music with 3 EP releases and the participation, as a remixer, on two more EP's . Releases that gave him the chance to work with some top notch artists such as the legendary Paul Lennar , Progress Inn, Napalm , Loquai , Cut Knob, Agrande, Fiddler, Spacebeat amongst others and also receive support from major artists like Airwave, Miss Nine , Shiloh, John 00 Flemming, Dj Taucher, Dousk , Van Bellen, John Johnson, Gai Barrone, Luis Bondio, Fernando Ferreyra and many more!